Single Responsibility Principle In PHP (SRP)

Since I started programming never cared about SOLID PRINCIPLES that much. Because I wasn’t aware of all these things. I started by watching YouTube videos and maybe because of that it wasn’t mentioned by anyone. But now, when I’m exploring a few open-source projects and learning day by day to improve myself. I’m thinking about … Read more

7 must-have packages for Laravel Developers

Have you ever thought that there are plenty of Packages in Laravel? But there are some packages that you should know and that are worth installing when you start a new project. Check out the blog on 7 must-have packages for Laravel developers. GurpreetTrying to make internet better place by sharing and building things on … Read more

SQL Joins with Laravel Eloquent

I was going through a LinkedIn post in which someone explained the SQL Joins. Let’s let “artisans” know how we use them with the medium of Laravel Eloquent. In the realm of databases, SQL joins are key tools for pulling related data from various tables. If you’re a Laravel developer, you can make your life … Read more

Troubleshooting MySQL Unexpected Shutdowns on Production

Experiencing an unexpected MySQL shutdown on a production server can be a nightmare, especially if your Laravel application relies heavily on database operations. This blog post will explore common reasons behind MySQL crashes and provide practical steps to diagnose and fix these issues. 1. Insufficient Memory Cause: MySQL requires a certain amount of memory to … Read more