5 Health Tips For Programmers | Be Health Conscious

The topic that I have decided today, is not just for php developers and not just for someone who is in the particular stack. But it’s for everyone who is in a regular sitting tech job. So, If you are a developer then you need to take care of yourself. I have several examples I have seen, am also going through a fever for two weeks because I’m not walking, not doing enough exercise, and not even taking fruits in my diet.

Source: Harkirat Singh’s YouTube channel, He talked about how his health went wrong when coded too much.

Taking Breaks

I get 60 minutes of break in my current job. In which we have 45 to 30 min for lunch and rest for tea/coffee break. I think companies should care about employees’ health as well. But mostly I have seen they don’t.

You have to be very careful about your schedule while taking breaks make sure to somehow take a break after an hour. You are worth more than you think, companies know as well.

Maintain Good Posture

Always try to maintain the posture. See the below example. You’ll understand.

Invest In Equipment

Our earnings stem from leveraging your expertise. However, it’s essential to equip yourself with a comfortable chair, a quality screen, and effective lighting to ensure seamless and efficient work.

A Good and Flexible Chair

I’m an affiliate with Amazon will not cost you any extra money. But will help me to make some chunks and will be rewarding for me.

Incorporate Physical Activity

Include regular exercise in your routine to combat the sedentary nature of programming. Try stretching exercises or short walks to break up long coding sessions.

You don’t even need to go to the gym, But if you choose to go. This is a very good decision. Otherwise, If you are a programmer like me, You can buy the equipment mentioned below.

Manage Stress

Incorporate stress-relief practices like deep breathing or meditation into your routine. Personally, if you have a passion for music or enjoy playing instruments like the guitar or flute, dedicating time to play during your leisure moments can be highly beneficial.


In conclusion, fostering a healthy lifestyle is pivotal for programmers seeking sustained success. By integrating these seven health tips into your daily routine, you not only optimize your physical and mental health but also enhance your overall programming performance. Remember, a balanced approach to well-being is the key to a thriving and enduring programming career.

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