5 Must Laravel Packages For 2024

Hey everyone, today we are going to see what are the most packages that we should have while we are developing a laravel application. Well, this isn’t just for 2024 it will be a kind of ever-green packages. If they will be maintained properly. HAHAHAHA!

Well, Apart from fun. Let’s see the packages and I’ll be sharing the overview of the package and the creator’s profile as well. So, that you can follow the person on X.com so that you will be connected for upcoming updates. Also in general you should follow top creators like Spatie (contributors) because you’ll be up to date in the community.

Laravel Debugbar

The Laravel Debugbar package is a powerful tool designed to enhance the debugging experience for Laravel developers. It provides a comprehensive overview of various aspects of your application’s performance and functionality, including queries, routes, views, and more. With its user-friendly interface, the Debugbar enables developers to identify and troubleshoot issues quickly, leading to more efficient development workflows and higher-quality code.

Read this for more info.

Note: Make sure you set the debugging mode to true if you want to use the debugger after installation

Creator: Barry vd. Heuvel


Laravel Log Viewer

Log Viewer is a package for Laravel that allows you to easily navigate, read, and download the logs. You can see all the other logs from Horizon, Apache, Nginx, Redis, Supervisor, Postgres, and more.

Creator: Arunas Skirius

Yajra DataTables

Yajra data tables package is one of my favorite packages on my list. I use this package almost in every project I do from scratch. It’s a Laravel package for handling server-side works of DataTables jQuery Plugin via AJAX option by using Eloquent ORM, Fluent Query Builder, or Collection. You gonna enjoy this package. Under the hood, you can modify the base class to enjoy more flexibility as I do.

Creator: X Profile

Laravel Media Library

Imagine you’re working on your Laravel website, dealing with files can be a bit of a headache. But then you discover the Laravel Media Library package, and suddenly, managing files becomes super easy.

Here’s the cool part: instead of just treating files like random attachments, you can actually think of them as proper Models in your code. That means they have a special place and purpose.

So, what’s the benefit? Well, normally when you upload a file, it’s tied to a specific part of your website, like adding a profile picture during sign-up or attaching a document to a form. With the Media Library package, you can do all this without the hassle of managing each file in your database manually. The package takes care of that by setting up the right structure for you.

In simple terms, the Laravel Media Library package makes handling files in your Laravel app way easier and organized. It’s like having a neat filing system for all your digital stuff!

Creator: Spatie

Laravel Backup

Here’s how it works: the package creates a backup of your entire application, bundling everything into a handy zip file. This zip file includes all the files from the directories you specify, alongside a database dump for good measure.


In conclusion, Laravel offers a rich ecosystem of packages that can significantly enhance your development experience and add valuable features to your applications. The top five packages highlighted—Laravel Debugbar, Laravel Log Viewer , Yajra Datatables , Laravel Media Library, and Laravel Backup—cover a wide range of functionalities.

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