Better Way To Grow Consistently | Personal Experience

Today I’m gonna share my personal experience about how can we grow consistently, and what makes anything consistent because It is just yesterday’s experience of how I learned about a Topic in 6 hours. I thought that If I learned a new topic every day in the same order consistently, the outcome would be different.

But what is required?

Obviously a “WHY”, is why something is important. Soon I’ll get to the personal point but before that, I wanted to share that we all know “WHY” is important.

Big Focus Comes In With Why

I had a full day off yesterday because of Sunday. So, I decided to learn about WebSockets because I had to build a notification system and also real-time user activity module. I started learning I learned about everything required initially and then after trying and failing till the last hour of 6 hours, I built the module. This wasn’t the final module but at least I reached somewhere.

To be very honest, I did this with a very deep focus, and I’m thinking about applying this to my everyday routine now. Well, I’m not promoting Laracasts but I’ll be learning testing from there to become better at my work.

And the “why” is to become one of the top best developers.


The last time I did the consistency was when I was learning core php but now I have become a bit more lazy and not able to do things like before. So, I’ll be trying to be consistent so that if I’m learning about a new topic I’ll share the Tutorial or Blog here on Larachamp. The target is to make Larachamp a better website for Laravel/Linux Developers. I’ll try to learn more and share more. Thanks for reading. I’m feeling more motivated and gonna share every new update if possible.

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