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I don’t think everyone will feel this post so interesting because it’s basically inspired by the technique of meditation. Which is not usually followed at work. But it’s all about falling completely into whatever we do. So, You may have faced that whenever we do work with our full attention and awareness we feel very happy and energetic.

So, It’s all connected I’m not sure if it will be true or if it will work for you but it is just my personal point of view. I do follow “OSHO TALKS”. It’s somehow coming from that side as well.

The Reason

Basically, Whatever I’ll be sharing in this article will be coming from what I consume In that way I wanna share one thing with you guys, When do we feel more relaxed? When we sleep or do nothing and sit with calmness. Isn’t? If you think the same then you should read this till the end. So, when we sleep we fall into the era of doing nothing thinking nothing, not making any effort and just feeling effortless sleep so it’s nothing a stateless condition. This is the reason for being happy and energetic but at sleep, we don’t feel anything right? If we wanna want to go to that state what do we need to do?

It’s not about any coding tutorial it’s just the common thing that I wanna share with you, You may have felt a few times that when we do code or any other daily job sometimes we see, that that day has passed so fast, isn’t it? and this is how we get sleep.

So, Whenever you feel that understood that you are in mediation with your work. In my point of view, meditation is not about doing something with effort, it’s about doing something with full awareness and with almost no effort.

How I Enjoy My Work

Well, as you know I’m a PHP Developer, and my daily tasks are mostly related to doing some stupid functionalities again and again, or sometimes with fortune I get challenging tasks. Every day whenever I reach the office for my daily job I try to make a list of all the tasks that I have. I prioritize them with what needs to be done first, meanwhile, I have to find a way to fall into deep sleep at work ( I mean try to fall into the process) Hahahaha. So, It’s important for me to make the work more interesting so then I try to do the job in a new way than usually finding something new. Or trying something new for the same thing so that I could make that particular functionality more interesting whether it’s from the frontend or even the backend.

Then it opens up the door for me to get into the process of doing code and then step by step I finish my tasks. So, it all feels like I did nothing today.

It feels like a holiday every day. Maybe it can change later in the future but now it’s more fun to learn new things and apply new things in the work.

This is how I enjoy my daily job. In this way, I do my productive work at my organization and a few days ago I started using this approach.

I’m not a master at this yet. But slowly will try to be more in love with work.

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