How To Get A Job In Coding Without Degree

Today’s time, It’s very easy to get a job as a coder or programmer. Because if you do have some skills doesn’t matter you have degree or not. Personally I have got a job without a degree in coding, this is live example in front of you. I have passed my 12th and started learning web development stuff from my elder brother Jasvinder Kumar who is working in a company right now. Well, If I will explain this story this is too long and it seems to be a bit of emotional story.

But now, I am gonna highlight some points through you can get a job easily without having a degree. I do also have some other opportunities for you. I’ll explain in detail.

Getting A Job Isn’t Hard

Lets start with my own experience. I have learned the frontend skills and then I thought about to move in backend. Because my brother do work in backend in PHP. I started learning PHP, It encouraged me to learn more about logic building, I started learning stuff and then I eventually get a freelance work. I started working with freelance clients from fiverr and LinkedIn and from some other social media too.

In this way, I eventually found after a year and half that I have learnt so many things just working in my technologies. Eventually, my brother suggested to find a job and now this is the main part “I said that I don’t have any degree and how can I get a job is it possible? he said at least you should try. I tried after one interview somehow I passed second interview and got my first job in a startup on the basis of my past experience and knowledge/skills.”

It is easy when do think it can be easy.

Show You Are Alive As A Dev

Getting a job isn’t hard. As I said build yourself first. Do you know one thing that when you do look for job in any foreign company then don’t give importance to your degree they give preference to your skills and knowledge. I have seen that the same thing is going to be in India too. Because I have seen many people are getting jobs without a piece of paper in coding.

Building yourself means show your work to them who will be hiring you. This is not wrong if you will put content related to your niche your skills, sooner or later you will start getting opportunities from hiring and I got plenty of calls in a day with the same technique. You can follow this on LinkedIn mostly.

Build Your GitHub

I won’t say to contribute in Open-Source projects. Because It can be hard or different for some people. But If you don’t know what is this. You should know, when you do contribute to any project in any way then you get some people in your network. You do talk to them and this becomes the beginning that opens door for you to get discover in front of other contributors.

If you do this in consistent way, high chances to get an opportunity because if you will look around you. Obviously you will find something to try but the thing is that we scare to try something new and This is the thing that we push ourselves back.


Basically, I am ending up this article here because some the important things you already know like

  1. You can start writing content what you building and about what you learning on platforms like and Hashnode
  2. You can start making tutorials on Youtube
  3. You can share content on Social media
  4. Prepare yourself for Interview

because it’s all about to get some short of visibility, in front of people in which your hiring mangers will be included. This was the whole point. Because Focus on work and try to become the excellent and as you know success will follow you.

Thanks for reading

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