My Goal As A Laravel Developer – Pov

I wasn’t sure that I should write something on this topic. But I couldn’t stop myself because I’m a kind of confused person. Because I usually brainstorm on things whatever I’m doing and whatever I’m building or creating. So, nowadays when I am working a full-time job. I saw that the whole day I used to work on Laravel PHP and sometimes javascript. So, what should be the motivation to solve bigger problems. And If you & I are working in a job what should be the motivation to build something different for the company because “money” isn’t a big thing when it comes to creativity?

So, I thought a lot and actually, I was craving for “WHY”.

Why I should learn, why should I become an expert and why should I build a side project?

So, finally, I sum up all my thoughts with a single thought that you need to be independent first, if you are, create amazing things that people admire and things that help developers to create things easier.

How To Write Code

It’s just a personal opinion that whenever we write code we should write in that way so that the code should be bullet proof. But in another professional way, we can say it should be more readable and maintained. That you might have heard a lot of times but it becomes easy when you love the process and explore new features of laravel. And it’s not just for laravel in any framework or programming language that attracts you. For me it’s PHP.

What Motivates As A Backend Developer?

A backend developers, we mostly work under the hood and nobody knows who built this feature and that feature if you are in a team. So, the design should be pretty and User friendly but as a backend developer, I care about the structure of my code, readability of my code. And how I make my code performance better so that eventually makes you feel good. when you do take care of all these things. May be users are not admiring you because you are not in the front but you as a backend developer can make things better so that the new developer will be happy to work in the environment which you have created.

Money Motivation?

Well, this is not a big motivation for me. Because from last 6 months, there are a lot of people I got messages from to work with. And according to my capability, they offered me a good hourly rate. So, from the money point of view, it’s not actually a motivation for me. Because I mostly care about permanent things that give me inner satisfaction but money can’t.

So, money can be a motivation but as long as you will be fulfilling your desires you will lose interest in your work and it shouldn’t be the final goal. For me nowadays, building side projects and learning new things to share on my blog is the goal. In this way, I’ll be getting money and satisfaction both.

Best Way To Learn New Things?

So, As a developer or I would say as a Laravel developer I think for me open-source is the better way to learn new things. And I always think that one day I’ll be contributing to open-source. As a beginner, it almost feels like there are a lot of things that are still pending on the list. But in the tech world every day we need to learn, but If you talk about programming and frameworks. So, you should move to Github you may find some interesting projects and clone them to read if you want to make changes. And see how a single method does work. I assure you that you will be a different personality after a month. Because now you are reading the code of other developers or maybe you will get to know about the other’s point of view.


In conclusion, I want to share my thoughts on what motivates me as a Laravel developer. While working a full-time job, I found myself constantly questioning why I should continue to learn and create. However, after much reflection, I realized that the key to being inspired is to strive for independence and to create amazing things that people admire. As a developer, I believe it’s important to write bullet-proof code that is easy to read and maintain, and to always consider performance. While money is a motivator, it should not be the only one, as true satisfaction comes from building things that make a difference. For me, this means working on side projects and sharing my experiences on my blog.

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