Icons libraries For Frontend Developers

Hi, Gurpreet this side with some new stuff. “Icons libraries in web design ” rarely people do consider them as a part of design (it’s my opinion). But this is also a part of your design because better icons brings more attraction. For example if you know about animation icons which you can use in your website or in app it also brings more attention.

Basically, Icons libraries which provides Icons are part of user experience a normal user do like them. When you use these icons on hover or on click.

let’s take a look at there.

Animated Icons Library

First library is useAnimations.com by using this library you will an option to use animated icons in your application or website. It brings more value than you think. I personally have seen these icons very rare. Very people do use them. You can a have great user experience when you will use them.

useAnimations.com Video


  1. You can use these icons on multiple browsers. For example, you might have seen that sometime when we use an external link to design something. Then it cause bugs in different platforms, It’s not going to do that. You will have good access to multiple platforms.
  2. These icons perform well when you do use them for responsiveness too.
  3. When you download any icon then you will have two files first one is .svg and the second one will be .json you can edit this file too.

Customizable Icons Library

This library going to give you a full access to edit and customize the icon. This the thing that I liked about it. It has multiple styles of Icons. You can use colorful icons and other hand you can customize those icons. You can have access to gradient icons too. That’s amazing by the way.


  1. Wired Outline
  2. Wired Lineal
  3. Wired Flat
  4. Wired Gradient
  5. System Outline
  6. System Solid
lordicon.com Library

I forget to announce the website name is LordIcon.com.

This is a paid library, I would recommend If you are building an amazing product or something like on big level. They provides you an icon editor that provides you full access to edit the icon.

You can use these Icons In WordPress too.

A Classified Library with Less Stress in Finding Icons

I said a classified library that means this is the library you can find icons easily. Like everything is classified or I would say categorized. So, you can use any of them to make sure it bring some values to your design.

Icons8 library image

Basically this is multi service provider website called Icons8.com you can use Icons or Illustration and much more there. Almost a kit for developers.

Iconsillustrationsphotosmusic, and design tools


  1. If you are looking an Icon for yourself out there on website and you failed in finding the icon. I mean you felt like they don’t have that icon you can manual submit the requirement and they can draw it for you.
  2. You can ask them for any kind of support, If you are a member of there ecosystem.
  3. You can emoji’s
  4. You can submit your Icons and can earn $$$ from them.

Free and Open-Source Icons Library

This is a open-source and free library to use. I personally use it in my daily projects. Because first thing this is open-source and second it’s free. I do love to use it. Icons also meet requirements and sometimes it fails too.


I hope this will help you somewhere in your developer journey. I do recommend to find your icons on these website mostly I will be agree on animated libraries because it increases the value that you provide through your frontend design basically for frontend developers.

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