How to Work With A Fiverr/Upwork Client

how to work on fiverr with client

If you are already a freelancer, or thinking about to start freelancing then you should consider these points before starting as a freelancer on freelance sites. First of all I would say that I am going to write about how you should start a project from very beginning with a client on Fiverr or may be on Upwork. Because these are the platforms can dangerous as well as helpful.

Why dangerous?

Because If you are only working as a freelancer and totally reliable on freelancing sites then you can be in danger. Because you are in someone else’s control. It depends on them whether they want to rank some other categories or other people. Because It’s legacy.

How helpful?

If you have good rating and good stars then nobody can stop you to get work. Although clients will reach to you and will be ready to pay you good amount money as well.

Well, forget this because for getting good stars and getting desired amount of money takes a long time to be there. And then you can make yourself secure.

Be Clear to the Point

What does it mean? In starting when I have started my freelancing journey I have got a project on Fiverr. But that time I didn’t knew anything like how should I work with client? Or If client will not be genuine, how I’ll get my money. Well, I signed up for a website development project. In the starting everyone starts from low prize and there was some tasks in his websites that I have to do. He was ready to pay 40$ and I accepted the offer because that time I was really happy that I got this money.

well, when I started working he gave me the template of a new website and said that you have to implement this. And I was socked, however I did that Because If I didn’t do that then there’s high chance that I could lost my money.

Because Fiverr support clients first than sellers. So, the learning is Be care full when making a contract and do not sign just typing by okay “I can do this” ask for requirement document It’s necessary”.

Consider Delivery Time on Fiverr/Upwork

When we start working on any new task/project then we can easily give an approximate time to the client. So, always give extra time. For example, If you have a project and you know that you can complete that project in maximum 10days then ask client for 15days. Now, In starting client can give you the time and If client want something quick then you can charge him extra as well. BTW on point, In this way you will have some extra days and then what you can do, you can deliver the project in less days that will help you to get valuable review. As I did. I have applied this already but always focus on quality of service.

isn’t a good review, whether buyer will come again or not doesn’t matter just thing is to prove something and leave an impact. But sometime it feels hard because when get connected with a lazy client who wants you to do all the things on your own. And who don’t have clear expectation or Goals.

Provide best Solutions Ever on Fiverr/Upwork

why am saying that provide best solution ever because when I had have my first client’s work. I didn’t did well. Because he was not ready to pay well and also he was not ready to value my time. I felt like frustrated not good money and no time respect. I decided to complete the job in any way. In this way, I have added a bad experience in my freelance journey. well, That was not bad It’s important to happen such kind of things.

After I decided to go well with any client. Now I do follow a process to provide quality services. I hope you would like it.

My process to provide valuable Services

  • Contact with Client over Call/Zoom/Meet.
  • Discuss requirement through Docs and If I have something that we can add into project I do share with client If possible to add in requirements.
  • Have a Clear vision where we want to go after a month or a year. And also clear Flow Chart Of application.
  • Discuss about pricing and discount
  • Usually, I take 15-25% in advance from client when I do connect him personally on zoom or Meet. Because It does make sense as a Freelancer.
  • After that I do start my work and give daily updates to client until work finished.

And according to this process, now my all projects are going well.

I hope you got some valuable info from this blog and I do share blogs on consistent basis so that I can document my journey. You can join my site for amazing content on Tech/Programming or Freelancing (Larachamp).

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