How To Create Custom Laravel Helpers

laravel helpers

Hey there, Today we’re diving into the fascinating world of custom Laravel helpers, where coding meets creativity, and sprinkle of humor makes everything more fun. What are Custom Helpers Imagine having a magical toolbox with shortcuts and tricks to make your Laravel development journey smoother. Helpers are functions that autoload in your application to do … Read more

Password Protected Zip File Creation in PHP

Hello readers, today we will learn about a little bit different topics. We will see how we can create a password-protected zip in PHP. Since a few days back, I’ve been trying to write less theory, just to save time from both sides. Create A PHP File Yes, you read it right, we just need … Read more

5 Must Laravel Packages For 2024

Hey everyone, today we are going to see what are the most packages that we should have while we are developing a laravel application. Well, this isn’t just for 2024 it will be a kind of ever-green packages. If they will be maintained properly. HAHAHAHA! Well, Apart from fun. Let’s see the packages and I’ll … Read more

How to Configure Middleware In Laravel 11

Hi everyone, As you guys know Laravel 11 is officially released now. So, there are plenty of new things that has been released along with new structure. If you look at the new structure, You won’t see kernal.php the file in Laravel 11. So, you won’t be able to configure middleware aliases in kernal.php. Instead … Read more

Restrict User With IP in Laravel V10

We can easily restrict users with Ips in any laravel application. Restriction means you want to make your web application for a few users whose IPs you have added to the system. Then it’s very easy. We need to make a middleware that will verify the IP addresses and redirect the user accordingly. Create A … Read more