I am a PHP developer and love using Laravel. Basically most of the time I love to read about Laravel coz I’m a Laravel enthusiast. Welcome to the Blog. I love writing whether it’s my personal feelings about any topic or it’s any regular Laravel PHP learning I love sharing everything. I feel like writing is something that gives me inner satisfaction when I share something with the community which is still providing a free source of learning. Basically, Laravel itself is my first love in the programming world after PHP or can say with PHP.

Nowadays I am just working As a Laravel developer and finding ways to learn new things every day.

Short Story Behind The Dev: Gurpreet

I come from a non-tech background basically it’s because, till my 11th standard in 2019, I didn’t know about the “p” of programming. But eventually, after that, someone advised me that this (web development) is something that you can start and choose as a career option. I wasn’t aware of this then rather than finding my first job. I started writing proposals on Upwork and after trying a lot on Upwork I moved to Fiverr and got my first work on Fiverr. So, it was an amazing journey for me till now. And I’m enjoying it a lot.


Worked On:


I love writing and this is my first habit. As I was kind of an introverted student so that’s why I failed to develop an interest in the outer world, most of the time I spent with myself. And I played indoor games like chess.

My Habits are:

  1. Writing
  2. Playing Chess
  3. Playing the Flute the part of music
  4. Travel ++

Why this Blog

Well, I think that whenever I write a blog I feel like it’s something that is better for me. And maybe someone is getting free resources with a different point of view. And One more thing that I would say, is when I started writing I wasn’t that involved in the coding world but after that whenever I used to write the blog I always find/learn new things. So, this is the motivation.

so, the target is to write deeper and more valuable blogs about my learnings or someday it can be researched on a particular topic. I think this is why I write here. And money is the second thing that comes here because I can do this by doing my job or something else. But this is something that motivates me to write about things that I learned or practiced.


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