I work as a FullStack PHP/Laravel developer and have a deep passion for utilizing Laravel in my projects. My enthusiasm for Laravel leads me to spend a significant amount of time reading about it, making me a dedicated Laravel enthusiast. Currently, I am actively contributing to the Laravel community as a developer/ Blogger and Learning Python and ML/OS along the way.

Welcome to the Blog! I find joy in writing, whether it’s expressing my personal feelings on various topics or sharing insights into my ongoing journey of learning Laravel and PHP. Writing is a source of inner satisfaction for me, especially when I can provide valuable content to the community for free. Laravel holds a special place in my programming heart, being my first love in the programming world, closely tied to PHP.

At present, my focus is on working as a Laravel developer, and I am constantly seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and learn new things each day.

Short Story Behind The Dev: Gurpreet

My journey into the tech world has been nothing short of a challenging odyssey. Originating from a non-tech background, I was oblivious to the intricacies of programming until my 11th standard in 2019 – at that point, I didn’t even know the “p” of programming. However, fate took a turn when someone suggested that web development could be a viable career path for me.

Initially uninformed about this field, my primary focus was on securing my first job. I ventured into the freelance market, diligently crafting proposals on Upwork. Despite numerous attempts, success eluded me on Upwork, prompting me to shift my efforts to Fiverr. It was on Fiverr that I secured my inaugural project, marking the inception of a remarkable journey.

This journey, though demanding, has been immensely gratifying, and I find genuine enjoyment in navigating its challenges.


Open Source Projects

  1. simple-query-builder


I love writing and this is my first habit. As I was kind of an introverted student so that’s why I failed to develop an interest in the outer world, most of the time I spent with myself. And I played indoor games like chess.

My Habits are:

  1. Writing
  2. Playing Chess
  3. Playing the Flute the part of music
  4. Travel ++

Why this Blog

Well, I think that whenever I write a blog I feel like it’s something that is better for me. And maybe someone is getting free resources with a different point of view. One more thing that I would say, is when I started writing I wasn’t that involved in the coding world but after that whenever I used to write the blog I always found/learned new things. So, this is the motivation.

so, the target is to write deeper and more valuable blogs about my learnings or someday it can be researched on a particular topic. I think this is why I write here. And money is the second thing that comes here because I can do this by doing my job or something else. But this is something that motivates me to write about things that I learned or practiced.