Password Protected Zip File Creation in PHP

Hello readers, today we will learn about a little bit different topics. We will see how we can create a password-protected zip in PHP. Since a few days back, I’ve been trying to write less theory, just to save time from both sides. Create A PHP File Yes, you read it right, we just need … Read more

The Importance of Unit Testing in PHP Applications

importance of testing in php

In the world of web development, PHP remains a popular and powerful scripting language. PHP applications power numerous websites, from e-commerce platforms to content management systems. While PHP’s flexibility and versatility are undeniable, ensuring the reliability and stability of PHP applications is equally important. This is where unit testing comes into play. In this blog … Read more

Blade Component In Laravel

blade components in laravel

Hi readers, If you are also a Laravelers that means you do write code in Laravel then you may know about the Blade Templating Engine. So, Blade is the default templating engine in Laravel. In Blade, we get the “components” feature from Laravel. It offers a simple yet powerful way of creating dynamic and reusable … Read more

DB Transactions In Laravel

db transactions in laravel

Hi readers, If you are new to Laravel or just starting with web development, you might have heard about the term “transactions”. We use transactions in Laravel as an essential concept that is widely used to maintain data consistency. What are Transactions in Laravel? In Laravel, we use Transactions to ensure that the database remains … Read more

How to Add Github Login in Laravel Application

how to add github as social login in laravel

Hi, It’s very easy to add a Github login to your laravel application. Let’s understand how we can do this. So, I’m going to practical example now. Create Github OAuth App Now, you have to go to your GitHub account in your account go to Settings>Developer settings>OAuth Apps, and create your app there. now you … Read more