How To Set and Get Session In CodeIgniter 4

set , get and remove session in codeigniter 4

In today’s article we are going to learn some new stuff about codeIgniter 4 that how we can set a session and how we can retrieve a value from session. Pretty simple to use session in CodeIgniter and let’s start it from scratch. Maybe you are a newbie and don’t know about the session so, … Read more

Directory Structure In CodeIgniter 4 | CodeIgniter4

codeIgniter 4 directory structure explained

CodeIgniter 4 is the latest version right now. Because codeIgniter4 is completely different from its previous versions. CodeIgniter 4 completely have changed it’s directory structure. And there are lot of different things you can see in codeIgniter 4 now. Well, I am going to discuss about the directory structure in codeIgniter 4. Usually we do … Read more

Introduction To CodeIgniter 4 | CodeIgniter4

introduction of codeIgniter 4

From today we are going to learn about CodeIgniter 4 which is completely different from it’s previous versions. CodeIgniter 4 comes with it’s different look in last few months. It has changed directory structure completely. Well, We are going to take an intro of CodeIgniter 4 in this article. And will explore together what’s there … Read more

Connect Multiple Databases In CodeIgniter

_Multiple Databases In CodeIgniter

Today, we are going to learn how we can connect multiple databases in CodeIgniter. Basically, In this tutorial we will see how we can handle multiple database in php when we are redirecting or doing some dynamic stuff in our application. I came to this idea because today in task I had this challenge to … Read more

How To Create Migration In CodeIgniter 4

database migrations in codeIgniter 4

Migrations makes easy to create tables in database and which helps to handle tables programmatically and obviously you don’t need to learn about SQL statements to build a table. As I said when you do work with a team then you can easily modify tables and play with the database