20 PHP Interview Questions 2023

Here are the 50 interview questions on PHP in 2023. If there’s any practical question in the blog then you should find related questions with that. It will help you in preparation for your interview.

20 php interview questions for 2023

What is PHP?

So, we will start with the most common question.

PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a server-side scripting language used for web development.

What is the difference between PHP and HTML?

PHP is a scripting language used for server-side web development, while HTML is a markup language used for client-side web development. PHP is executed on the server, while HTML is rendered on the client. One more thing is that we can write HTML in PHP file very easily.

How do you declare variables in PHP?

In PHP, variables are declared using the $ symbol followed by the variable name. For example: $name = “John”;

What are the different data types in PHP?

PHP supports eight data types: boolean, integer, float, string, array, object, resource, and null.

How do you define a constant in PHP?

In PHP, constants are defined using the define() function. For example: define(“MAX_VALUE”, 100);

What is the difference between single quotes and double quotes in PHP?

Single quotes are slightly faster than double quotes because they don’t require variable parsing. However, double quotes allow for the use of escape sequences, such as \n for a new line.

How do you include a file in PHP?

In PHP, you can include a file using the include() or require() function. For example: include(“header.php”);

How do you create a function in PHP?

To create a function in PHP, you use the function keyword followed by the function name and a set of parentheses. For example: function myFunction() { // code goes here }

What is the difference between a function and a method in PHP?

A function is a block of code that can be called from anywhere in the script, while a method is a function that is associated with a specific object or class.

How do you pass variables to a function in PHP?

To pass variables to a function in PHP, you can pass them as arguments within the parentheses of the function call. For example: myFunction($name, $age);

How do you return a value from a function in PHP?

To return a value from a function in PHP, you can use the return statement followed by the value you want to return. For example: return $result;

How do you create an array in PHP?

In PHP, you can create an array using the array() function or using the square bracket notation. For example: $myArray = array(1, 2, 3); or $myArray = [1, 2, 3];

How do you access elements in an array in PHP?

In PHP, you can access elements in an array using the square bracket notation and the index of the element you want to access. For example: $myArray[0]; // accesses the first element in the array

How do you loop through an array in PHP?

In PHP, you can use the foreach loop to loop through an array. For example: foreach ($myArray as $value) { // code goes here }

How do you sort an array in PHP?

In PHP, you can use the sort() function to sort an array in ascending order. To sort an array in descending order, you can use the rsort() function.

How do you connect to a database in PHP?

In PHP, you can connect to a database using the mysqli_connect() function. For example: $conn = mysqli_connect(“localhost”, “username”, “password”,”dbname”);

What is API

Application Programming Interface. API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other

Difference Between Authentication And Authorization

Authentication: Authentication means that system is giving you some authenticity to get into. In simple words if you have username and password then you have authenticity to log in.

Authorization: Authorization means according to your authenticity what you can do. It checks whether you are able to access a particular functionality or not.

This is the main difference between Authentication and Authorization.

What is a “foreach” loop in PHP and how do you use it?

A “foreach” loop in PHP is used to iterate through the elements of an array. To use it, you specify the array you want to loop through and a variable to hold the current element. For example:

foreach($myarray as $key => $value) {
//code goes here

What is an “if” statement in PHP and How do you use it?

An “if” statement in PHP is used to execute a block of code only if a certain condition is met. To use it, you specify the condition within parentheses and the code to be executed within curly braces. For example: if ($x > 5) { // code goes here }

Additional : Name Some PHP Frameworks

Well, This is an additional questions because sometimes I have heard about this question that people used to ask me in interviews. Whenever I give interview I have heard this questions. It’s not mandatory but it says how aware you are about your technology.

List Of Some PHP Frameworks

  1. Laravel
  2. CodeIgniter
  3. Symfony
  4. Zend Framework
  5. Yii
  6. CakePHP
  7. Phalcon
  8. FuelPHP
  9. Slim
  10. PHPixie

I hope this will help you. Best of Luck ❤

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