VS Code extensions for Laravel Developers

As you all know nobody likes to write code word to word. Everyone would like to complete that logic in minutes. If you gonna write code without vs code extension you are obviously gonna do it very slowly and most probably you will face a lot of errors while writing code without any help. So, In case you want to overcome all these things and also want to increase your productivity then you should use Vs Code extensions that will speed up your code writing skills by 10x. So, let’s see vs code extensions that we can use while we are developing our amazing applications.

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Laravel Snippets

Laravel snippets extension helps to get snippets while writing code and I’m sure that you will be happy to see the result after installing this extension. Let me just show you how this extension will help you to get a snippet.

It helps to get snippets of all related to the Laravel facade. For ExampleRequest::, Route::

Laravel Blade Snippets

Laravel blade snippets is recommended by the laravel snippets. Because it provides you blade format snippets. If you are going to use laravel blade template then you can consider it. Laravel blade snippet comes with ammet support so you can easily get ammet help also.

For example: If you want to use if condition in your blade then you just need to type b:if and you can get snippet easily.

Key Features

  • Format code in blade template
  • Ammet support
  • Use any condition of loop just using by i.e. b:if,b:foreach,b:while and so on.
  • Blade syntax highlight

Laravel goto View

laravel goto view extension

Laravel goto view is one of my favourite extension because whenever I do add view to my controller or may in some other file then may be I need to go view urgently and have to fix some stuff then It might take some time to find that view manually and then take action.

But this extension solves this problem. You just need to hover on view and then you can easily can land on any view just by a single click.

Laravel Extra Intellisense

laravel extra intellisense

I personally recommend this extension to every developer because this extension is kind of mother of your vs code. I know you might be curious why? because it knows everything which variable you have used previously and which you want to use. Because it provides snippet of current code that means for example: you have just created a variable $larachamp, and then you just need this variable somwhere in file. Then you just need to type “lara” then it will automatically show you the related variables.

Key features

  • Helps to increase productivity
  • This extension saves a lot of time also
  • Don’t need to rememeber variables just type prefix and you can access easily

For example: validation rule


There are a lot of other extensions in Laravel that you can use but these are the main extensions that you should use. Because with these extensions you can boost the productivity that we all need.

And I hope this will help to make easy your development journey.

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