How to Use A Bar Chart in PHP

how to use bar chart in php

Today we are going to learn how we can use Bar chart with php in our application or wherever you want to use it. When we do use charts to some short of values like sales chart, purchase chart, profit chart and activity chart etc. Then we have many options like there are many libraries … Read more

How to Work With A Fiverr/Upwork Client

how to work on fiverr with client

If you are already a freelancer, or thinking about to start freelancing then you should consider these points before starting as a freelancer on freelance sites. First of all I would say that I am going to write about how you should start a project from very beginning with a client on Fiverr or may … Read more

How To Use Middleware In Laravel

how to use middleware in laravel

We do use middleware in Laravel to make sure authenticated user can access the application. Middleware works like a guard that helps to identify the user. We can create multiple middleware that can be assigned to different routes. We also can use middleware’s as default on each route for that we have to register middleware … Read more