Simple Query Builder

simple-query-builder by robinksp

Maybe you know that in Laravel Framework we build queries by using a very convenient approach to build queries. Which is called query builder. Yes, so the same I am trying to do with simple-query-builder in PHP. If you have a core php application then easily you can install the library and use it in … Read more

How To Send Bulk Email Using Laravel

Sending Bulk Email In Laravel

Hey there, If you are building something interesting and looking to send bulk emails using your application’s in-built power provided by Laravel itself. You can do that easily. You can use SMTP or external services like Mailgun or Sendgrid as well. In this blog, I’ll walk through the process step-by-step, and I’ll provide example code … Read more

What Is a PWA and How to Build One


PWA is a web term that means (progressive web apps) PWA is a special kind of website that you can use over the internet on any device you want, make sure the browser supports the PWA. Maybe some browsers don’t understand them but on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari you can use the PWA. So, the … Read more