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Basic Laravel Interview Questions | Larachamp

What is Laravel

Laravel is framework used to develop web application. Laravel is an open source and free to use PHP framework created by Taylor Otwell. This framework works according to MVC (Model, View, Controller) pattern.

It has 70K stars on Github and it’s a very fast growing framework. It almost provide everything you need for development.

Why to Use Laravel

Laravel is best choice according to modern Web Development. It provides tools for dependencies injectionunit testingqueuesreal-time events . Laravel is a professional framework to develop large application.

It’s growing and that’s why we call it progressive framework. Laravel is scaler framework. Laravel applications have been easily scaled to handle hundreds of millions of requests per month. Laravel has a big community of curious developers who usually do share tips and through we can feel comfortable to ask anything.

How to Install Laravel

We can install Laravel via composer. There are two options to install Laravel via composer. Note : that you should have PHP and Composer installed.

Below code shows the first way to create the app using Composer.

composer create-project laravel/laravel app-name

Below Code shows the second way to create the Laravel app using Composer

composer global require laravel/installer
laravel new app-name

//after app created
cd app-name
php artisan serve

What are Facades in Laravel

Facades provides direct access to object from a container. In simple words If we have a particular class which is providing some method. Facades provides us the static interface to classes.

// if want to use it then we wll use like:
$car = new car();

// with the help of facade we can use it like:


All of Laravel’s facades are defined in the Illuminate\Support\Facades namespace.

What is Routing In Laravel

Laravel routing helps us to build routes for our Application. It provides very convenient way to connect any particular route to controllers. It helps to connect the model instances directly with route.

There you have multiple choices you can use named routes, and you can also validate the routes according to parameters.

What Is Middleware In Laravel

We do use middleware in Laravel to make sure authenticated user can access the application. Middleware works like a guard that helps to identify the user. We can create multiple middleware that can be assigned to different routes.

Types Of Middleware In Laravel

There are two types of Middleware in Laravel

  1. Global Middleware.
  2. Route Middleware

What Is CSRF Token In Laravel

CSRF stands for Cross-site request forgeries. CSRF is an malicious attack that can be done by unauthorized websites based on an authenticated user.  Laravel generates automatic CSRF token for each session that identify the request via CSRF token that we pass in requests. In this way it helps and save us form malicious websites.

What Is Controller In Laravel

You can build your logics and can handle the data in controller Instead of doing it in route files. Controller can group the related classes for a particular model or as you wish you can do multiple actions also.

You can see controller files under app/Http/Controllers directory.

//Make Controller using CMD

php artisan make:controller ControllerName

How to Redirect a Request to Named Route

You can redirect a request using Named routes

return redirect()->route('routename');

How to Redirect a Request to Controller Action

 Route::get('url', [HomeController::class, 'method_name'])->name('routename');

How to Redirect a Request with Session Data

This very easy to redirect a request with session data. You also have to use “Illuminate\Http\Request” in the file.

$request->session()->flash('status', 'Task was successful!');

How to Return A JSON Response In Laravel

if you do use this JSON method in Laravel it automatically set the header “content-type” and and given array in JSON form.

return response()->json([
    'name' => 'fist',
    'state' => 'GF',

How to Pass Data to View In Laravel

You have to use the view() method.

return view('superadmin.users',compact('Users'));

How to Create a Component In Laravel

Creating a Component in Laravel is very easy when we have artisan structure.

php artisan make:component YourComponentName

You can see newly created component under app/View/Components directory.

Why we use @once Directive In Laravel Blade

@Once as name defines, used for pushing any single piece of code at once when script rendered in first time.

How to Delete, Retrieve and Store Data With Session In Laravel

Store data in a session

$request->session()->put('key', 'value');

Delete data from the session

// delete a single key...
// delete multiple keys...
$request->session()->forget(['name', 'status']);

Retrieve data from the session



These Interview Questions will help you understand Laravel in a better way. Basic interview Questions for Laravel.

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