Introduction To CodeIgniter 4 | CodeIgniter4

From today we are going to learn about CodeIgniter 4 which is completely different from it’s previous versions. CodeIgniter 4 comes with it’s different look in last few months. It has changed directory structure completely. Well, We are going to take an intro of CodeIgniter 4 in this article. And will explore together what’s there in Codeigniter 4 and how we can start working with codeIgnter 4.

Introduction To CodeIgniter 4 | CodeIgniter4

What Is CodeIgniter

This should be the question that what is codeIgniter we are going to learn about the codeIgniter atleast we should have a short understanding about codeIgniter what is does and what it is.

Basically, CodeIgniter is a MVC framework. If you don’t know about the MVC framework then let me tell you that in MVC framework we work with model,view and controller. That completely works upon oops concept. And before starting into any MVC framework atleast you should have a basic knowledge of OOPs concept. If you are learning about CodeIgniter4 or Laravel or any other symphony something then you can easily understand the flow.

CodeIgniter as you know built with PHP, A beginner can learn codeIgniter very easily and it’s not that much complex so you can learn it easily. By putting some enough efforts.

It has libraries, helpers and mostly that I like it has command line interface we can do many things with that. It will sound advance if you don’t know about any short of MVC framework. What don’t worry we will be learning everything.

It has a flexible working style that you can extend core code easily. And it’s very flexible as I have used it. So, codeIgniter 4 is awesome than it’s previous versions.

Features Of CodeIgniter4

Well, I don’t just want to write a paragraph about the features of CodeIgniter 4. As its almost three months I am into codeIgniter4 and I have only started from 4 then I would say if you will work on Ci3 then you will realize it’s get improved a lot.

I want to list down all the features that I know of CI4

  1. Anyone can learn easily
  2. Built on Principles with coding discipline.
  3. Any Core code can be easily extended
  4. It has CLI option if you want to create any Model, View and Controller
  5. You can create your custom commands to speed up your code
  6. It has inbuilt libraries
  7. It has inbuilt helper functions like URI, Array helper etc.
  8. You can create your own global helper functions and multiple files
  9. You can create your own library as well
  10. Not that much complex easily understandable.

These are the features or advantages I have personally felt about codeIgniter 4 myself. So, It’s good.

Initial Requirements and How to Install

Basically every framework or library do have it’s own requirements according to version so, in codeIngter 4 you should have at least 7.4 php version.

Extensions Requirement

You should have enabled some extensions also if you are going to use codeIgniter 4.

  1. intl
  2. mbstring

Above extensions you can enable in your php.ini file.

You should have enabled some other extensions on your server as described below.

  1. php-json
  2. php-mysqlnd (if you use MySQL)
  3. php-xml

These are the some major requirments. Others you can read on Server Requirements CodeIgniter 4

How To Install

There are two different ways to install the codeIgniter 4 to build your awesome project. But I would suggest to install with composer. And the another way is to install manually. Well, Installing with composer sounds a bit cool. Well, again it’s totally depends on you. Which make you feel comfortable.

you can install with composer as described below:

composer create-project codeigniter4/appstarter project-name



So, after discussing about the starting things the conclusion is if you are new to MVC structure then codeIgniter is good fit for you. You can easily start with CI. Because its very easy not so complex and again you should have a bit of knowledge about PHP OOPs as well. So that you can understand the all stuff very easily.