Don’t Be Just A Software Engineer

Hi folks, I made this mistake twice, and now I wanna share this will all of you. Well, I’ll be talking about my work and the mistakes that I did in the previous days. May be silly or huge I’m not sure this was just a first-hand experience for me.

So, Last month I changed to my new organization and I have got assigned a new task. In which I had simple CRUD. And the most important thing in that task was managing API requests. So, each subdomain should have APIs that I wrote out there in the code. Based on the subdomain we were recognizing them as an organization.

But the biggest thing that I made a mistake upon, I started restructuring the code. I hope you will be thinking that it’s not a mistake btw. But the case was different. The code was written in CORE PHP and I was making a reusable module. And I had almost one week time getting a few changes again from the upper management. So, In short, I was getting the changes in flow and I was also working on restructuring the code. This was it.


So, now what I have learned is if you are working in an organization that is building a new product kind of MVP. Then we should not care much about the code as we are in the development area (someone said). I don’t like this.

I took a few extra days to build that, but still, it has a few bugs which was normal. But I have changed the structure from procedural to OOP. So, that team can use reusable structures if needed.

But I think the product matters a lot more than the code itself.

My Point Of View

Now, If you are still reading this then you should tell me if am i right on this take or not. Because a top-level organization always cares about its code. Because this is the base. Or If a non-technical person says that he needs the product as soon as possible then this comes to developers to adjust everything and it depends on whether he wants to compromise or not.

My mistake was, I was only thinking that we need to make it reusable so that we can follow the DRY method in our coding standards.

Environment Matters A Lot

I am feeling very sad about it. Because I didn’t get the environment i was looking for. I was looking for someone who is smarter than me in our stack in my company but looks like nobody cares about modern things. A kind of smart environment should be there.

Why are people afraid of learning new things?>

I don’t know in this golden age, I mean before 40-50 at least they could force themselves to learn new things until they die. But It’s not like that.

  1. We should always try to learn new things
  2. If I’ll talk about Laravel, you should be like let’s understand livewire, react, or new things if possible because it helps us grow so that we can say to someone that we are not limited to something.
  3. You are getting paid that’s okay, but it shouldn’t be your comfort.
  4. That’s all, And also don’t make mistakes I made “hahaha


I am sure you got the point. But if not please tell me in the comment box. Because this is something that is most important and will help you to avoid bad impressions in your team.

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