How Much Do Programmers Can Make?

Well, this is very clear question and mostly it comes from the people who are trying to get into the programming. Programming is a good career as you all know that everything nowadays growing with tech. Commerce to Ecommerce everything will be changed in few years.

So, programming or coding always be a good choice.

Programmer salary depends on their skills, knowledge and education etc. Mostly location does matter a lot. Country to country it depends what is market rate for your technology.

How Much Do Programmers Can Make?

Some entry-level programmers may earn around $50,000 per year, while more experienced programmers with specialized skills and expertise can earn upwards of $100,000.

That being said, it’s worth noting that the salaries of programmers can vary significantly based on these and other factors. On the other hand if you can build something that can change the world. As you can see Facebook and google than obviously there’s no limit of “how much you can make through programming”.

5 ways to Increase your earnings as a programmer

Here are 5 ways that can help you to increase your earning potential as a programmer.

  1. Educate yourself and try to invest more and more in your knowledge. Gain some more skills for example if you are working on PHP and then you can learn about some other PHP frameworks that will help you to show that you can do work with some other frameworks as well.
  2. Gain experience and build a strong portfolio. Having a good experience in programming always show in front of the line. It does matter a lot. The more experience you have as a programmer, the more valuable you may be to potential employers.
  3. By specializing in a particular coding language you can ask for high salary. Because then you will be able to solve any kind of problem in very less time. Being an expert in one particular programming language also helps in increasing the amount of your salary.
  4. Well, According to third point it’s good to being an expert in one programming language. But in this changing world you have to be updated according to the market trends. What’s going in the market which technology is popular. Are you still in demand or not.
  5. Negotiate your salary. Don’t be afraid to negotiate your salary with potential employers. It’s important to do your research and have a clear understanding of what you’re worth in the market.

How I get my first programming job without having a degree

Popular coding languages

  1. Java: Java is a popular, general-purpose programming language that is widely used for building standalone applications and Android mobile apps.
  2. Python: Most of the newbie’s are using python or we can say learning python. Because it helps in maximum aspects of technology. It used in AI, Data Science , web and app as well.
  3. Javascript : Javascript is well known language. You can use it in web and apps in both sides.
  4. C#: C# is a popular programming language used for building Windows-based applications and games.
  5. PHP : PHP is only used for building web applications. And We use PHP for building the backend of any website.

If I am missing any technology name then it doesn’t means that other technologies are not relevant they may be. But these are the some of the programming language that I have heard about and get used on large scale.


In the end I would say that If you are choosing programming to make more and get rich quickly then choose the sub career carefully. Because if you will get into job then you may be not able earn good amount of money but if you can build (may be on IndiaHackers) something interesting. That you think can solve any problem then it’s going to be game changer for you.

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