WhereAll and WhereAny In Laravel 10.47 Update

Today I’m going to share an update of the Laravel 10.47 version in which we have two new Laravel Eloquent methods that make conditions easier to write most of the time in case of searching for something. We going to see how we can use these methods.

Before explaining the methods I’m gonna show you that If I use the search input box in my laravel app to search for something in DB. It can be by name, email, age, etc. I used to do something as mentioned below in the code.

// a simple search query 
$orders->where('email', 'like', "%$search%")->where('name','like',"%$search%");

But now you can enjoy this new method called whereAll instead.

WhereAll Method

This method can replace this whole line of code and can act easily in one syntax as mentioned in the below code.

// syntax
whereAll($columns, $operator = null, $value = null, $boolean = 'and')


select * from "orders" where (name like "shantu" AND email like "shantu")

WhereAny Method

whereAny() method adds or instead of and expression in a query.

// syntax
whereANy($columns, $operator = null, $value = null, $boolean = 'and')


select * from "orders" where (name like "shantu" OR email like "shantu")

I’m gonna link the original commit here Add whereAll and whereAny methods to the query builder

I hope you find this update helpful.

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