Don’t Be Just A Software Engineer

Hi folks, I made this mistake twice, and now I wanna share this will all of you. Well, I’ll be talking about my work and the mistakes that I did in the previous days. May be silly or huge I’m not sure this was just a first-hand experience for me. So, Last month I changed … Read more

20 Essential Linux Commands

Hi, If you’re a beginner web developer and using Linux to develop software then mastering Linux commands is essential for efficient file and server management. In this blog, we’ll explore 20 fundamental Linux commands that will enhance your productivity and simplify your workflow. 1. ls Command: List Files and Directories Use the “ls” command to … Read more

Understanding Dependency Injection

Today we are going to learn about what is dependency injection in PHP. I was reading about new PHP updates eventually, I saw that they mentioned dependency injection, so I thought I should write on this topic. Well, it’s a cool topic whenever I go through something new I usually write new topics. Sooner I’l … Read more