Create Dynamic Navbar Using PHP Mysql

dynamic navbar using php banner

As you might know that we use php to create dynamic web pages. Well, here we are going to create a dynamic navbar using php in which we obviously will need a database. A structured navbar. This is all about to get the data from the database and repeat that into loop. To create a … Read more

20 PHP Interview Questions 2023

20 php interview questions for 2023

Here are the 50 interview questions on PHP in 2023. If there’s any practical question in the blog then you should find related questions with that. It will help you in preparation for your interview. What is PHP? So, we will start with the most common question. PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It is … Read more

What Is The Concept Of OOP In PHP

oop in php in a sequence.png

OOP in PHP is a concept of doing code. There is two concept to go forward with any project in PHP. First is procedural concept and the second is Object Oriented Programming so almost it’s depends on choice. But initially if you are new to PHP or in programming though, you should have a look … Read more

How to Use A Bar Chart in PHP

how to use bar chart in php

Today we are going to learn how we can use Bar chart with php in our application or wherever you want to use it. When we do use charts to some short of values like sales chart, purchase chart, profit chart and activity chart etc. Then we have many options like there are many libraries … Read more

Laravel Interview Questions For Beginners

Laravel Interview Questions For Beginners

In this article, we going to learn about Laravel interview questions so that you can have a clear vision of what you can be asked for. So, while covering these questions. This is only for beginners if you want to look forward maybe you will find something new in this article. Let’s start learning and … Read more

PHP Interview Questions For Beginners

php interview questions

PHP is a backend language that we use to develop web applications and mainly for dynamic work. As I also develop websites in PHP but the thing is that when I was learning PHP I wasn’t good at theory and explaining things in PHP. But at the same time I was really good at doing … Read more