Don’t Be Just A Software Engineer

Hi folks, I made this mistake twice, and now I wanna share this will all of you. Well, I’ll be talking about my work and the mistakes that I did in the previous days. May be silly or huge I’m not sure this was just a first-hand experience for me. So, Last month I changed … Read more

Building A Rest API With PHP

Building A Rest API With PHP

It’s been a long time since I haven’t written an article but nowadays I’m very much focused on learning new things and upgrading myself. Meantime I got the idea to write about Rest Api so that fellow learners can learn if they don’t know. Before start building a rest API I would love to explain … Read more

Upload Files Using Ajax In PHP


Hello readers! Uploading files to the server is a common task in web development. In the past, it was done using traditional form submissions, which required a page reload and was not very user-friendly. Nowadays, with the help of AJAX, we can upload files to the server without reloading the entire page, making the process … Read more

Sending Mails Using PHP With Mail Function

sending mails in php using mail function

Today we are going to learn to send emails using PHP. Well, it’s not that hard and basically, this post is designed as a beginner can understand it easily. Introduction to Sending Emails with PHP: Have you ever wondered how websites send you emails, like a confirmation email after you sign up for an account? … Read more

Introduction to the YouTube API for PHP Developers

youtube api for php developers

The YouTube API is a powerful tool for accessing and interacting with YouTube data from your PHP application. With the API, you can search for videos, retrieve channel information, and perform other actions on YouTube. In this tutorial, we’ll go over how to get started with the YouTube API in PHP. Before you begin, you’ll … Read more

PHP String Functions: A Complete Guide

string functions guide in php

Are you working with strings in PHP and looking for ways to manipulate them? PHP provides a variety of built-in functions that can help you do just that. In this post, we’ll go over some of the most common string functions in PHP and how they can be used. str_replace: This function replaces all occurrences … Read more