How To Create Migration In CodeIgniter 4

database migrations in codeIgniter 4

Migrations makes easy to create tables in database and which helps to handle tables programmatically and obviously you don’t need to learn about SQL statements to build a table. As I said when you do work with a team then you can easily modify tables and play with the database

Login and Register in CodeIgniter 4

login and register in codeIgniter

If you are also learning CodeIgniter right now then you are on the right place today. Let’s learn how we can create an authentication system in CodeIgniter 4. This is the latest version of CodeIgniter in which we are going to build login and register functionality in CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter is a very basic framework as … Read more

Searchable Input with Livewire

searchable input using livewire

Hi, Gurpreet this side with some new stuff today. Let me tell you, what we will cover in this article. We will create a searchable input in which we can search records using livewire and with that we can show the records in dropdown. What I am gonna use to make this stuff. I will … Read more

What Is The Concept Of OOP In PHP

oop in php in a sequence.png

OOP in PHP is a concept of doing code. There is two concept to go forward with any project in PHP. First is procedural concept and the second is Object Oriented Programming so almost it’s depends on choice. But initially if you are new to PHP or in programming though, you should have a look … Read more