Programming: From Beginner Struggles to Expertise

Learning a programming language is hard, but only for the first time. When you may be starting your first time exploring HTML, CSS, and other stuff. But it doesn’t take anything when you get into a flow of understanding the concepts and syntax.

There are many differences can have in each programming language. As they will be different from each other but still there are some common differences that we need to understand and adapt.

Common Differences Between Programming Languages

Well, Let’s take an example of PHP and Python. There’s a big difference but let’s consider we only gonna use Python for web development apart from any short of ML or AI.

Then to learn Python you have to learn a few basic concepts of programming and also the syntax which is totally “;” semicolon free that we can’t do in PHP. There are few differences that each programming language.

  1. Syntax: Each programming language uses its syntax. It could be a strictly defined typo or cannot be e.g. Python, or Java.
  2. Typing: Languages vary in their typing systems, including static typing (e.g., Java) and dynamic typing (e.g., Python), influencing how you declare and use variables.
  3. Community: It’s a kind of hidden thing that don’t we talk about. But having a good community about a particular language/framework is a GOD gift. because there are people who always contribute and help newcomers resolve the problems that they have faced.
  4. Learning Curve: The difficulty of learning a language can vary based on its complexity, available learning resources, and your existing programming knowledge and skills

By considering all these things, you are clear now what needs to focused on. I’ll prefer to join a Forum/Community to understand what’s going in the particular tech stack.

Theory Is Hard

Well, this is my approach, how I’ll learn something new in the tech world. Because what I do, whatever I learn from a tutorial I try creating at least a small project from whatever I’ve learned. So, that I can see where I am practically. So, along the way if you go and build project anything can’t be better than that.

I’ll suggest to get some theory out of tutorials and then decide a project and move on to the real life problems and solve with what you’ve learned. Many say this as Tutorial Hell. So, consider all these things as well.

Love Reading

When I’m saying love reading, it doesn’t mean you should go and read books. well, you also can do that instead of scrolling shorts. But the thing that I really appreciate for myself. I love reading a lot whether it’s fiction or about technology. I follow many blogs and newsletters so that I can keep myself updated in the community.

Why it’s important?

Well, it’s not really important. But it is a very big plus when you are going to learn anything new and if you are capable of learning from documentation. It could be a very big win for you. Because in the tutorials you miss a lot of things you don’t really get all of that,which has been mentioned in the documentation.

Two Skills: Googling (with proper query) and Reading (capability of reading a documentation) can really change the speed of learning something new. And unfortunately you’ll discover many things that you can’t do by watching someone else’s video.

Choose The Hard And Follow

Choose the hard means always go for challenging things, I mean for example: I’m going to learn Python my goal should be to highlight myself in the community. To make this happen I have to contribute to the community (open-source mostly). But I don’t do open-source yet. Because of my comfort but it could be in any ways(eg. blogging,video making etc.). Just try to keep yourself in the 1% the only goal that I have is to keep myself updated and get a good place in the community by contributing without any second thought.

Follow the top community developers account so get inspired each time, to build what they did and do some incredible work.

This is what I thought about it, I hope this will help you. Because these are my personal thoughts to be somewhere from the beginning.

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